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A painting is an open-ended question. Germinating from a constant conflict between abstraction and representation, my work delves on ideas surrounding utopias, control, and becoming. Allowing the painting to emerge without a prescribed meaning or result, I negotiate elements of both conscious and unconscious visual thinking, rather than attempting to duplicate or portray experiences directly onto the artwork. Images materialize and fade through squeegee, paintbrush, and sanding. It is a process of controlled jeopardy, which gives way to psychologically charged spaces of contemplation and projection. Although never preconceived, my paintings frequently manifest horizons - carrying often-ambiguous analogies of utopian nature. The work searches for no answer but for an opening, an attempt of un-concealing oneself; and by extension, the world. Both painting and utopia are processes - changing, deliberative. And this process of continuous search for an elusive north is what dictates the dynamics of my pictorial space.

b. 1992, Sorocaba, Brazil

Group Exhibitions

2022 – Geographies of Memory, LAMB Gallery, 2022, London

2022 – LPC Selects: Vol. 2, 2022, London

2022 – CGLAS MA Graduation Show, 2022, London

2022 – CGLAS Interim Show 2022, London
2021 – Come as you are, London
2021 – “Entre o Lobo e o Cão” Open Call (online), São Paulo
2020 – International Contemporary (online), Florence
2020 – End of Year Exhibition (online), Florence
2018 – BEYOND, Florence
2018 – Fruits of Summer, Florence


2020 – Studio Antonella Bussanich, Florence


2021-2022 – City & Guilds London Art School (CGLAS), MA Fine Art (ongoing)

2018-2020 – The Florence Academy of Art (FAA), Advanced Drawing and Painting

2012-2017 – Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas (PUCCAMP), BA Architecture and Urbanism

Prizes and Awards

2022 – City & Guilds London Art School Prize for Outstanding Critical Engagement

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